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Largest Github malware repository

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For everybody who is interested in malware either to use it or to analyze it here is a link to a guy on github who has over 600 repositories with all different kinds of malware

some of these RATs, Stealers, Panels etc still get sold in various Telegram chatrooms and stuff

mave12(Github user) has more than 650+ repositories with ANY malware you can imagine. From exploits to stealers and their panels to DLL injectors until pentesting tools like pe bear.

Some example repositories he has :

▪️Trick Virus
▪️Redline Stealer
▪️RAT Decoders
▪️Asmodeus Stealer
▪️Warzone Cracked
▪️Mars Stealer
▪️Azroult Stealer
▪️Loki and Oski Stealer
▪️Anubis Stealer
▪️Agent-Tesla Stealer

Link: https://github.com/mave12?tab=repositories


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