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  1. Bitcoin carding tutorial [Hidden Content]
  2. Sync? du meinst Makan Rajabi? also evo der hat doch nur Leute gerippt auf cnw
  3. sellix.io safe

    Wym? I don’t think anybody would use sellix without opsec
  4. Free Stuff

    Datei neu hochgeladen mit Virustotal
  5. OB Cashing tut by mann1pulator

    Dann hab ich vielleicht nen fud rat im rdp der meine zips infected oder so
  6. OB Cashing tut by mann1pulator

    @Tronic2222 war die falsche Datei hab die richtige hochgeladen und den virustotal link
  7. Free Stuff

    Free psd templates pack Content: Amex green Bank of America Mastercard Different credit cards US passports Military IDs and more [Hidden Content]
  8. In this tutorial you need to have an IP address. In most cases people use SOCKS for their activities, but they don't know how many times the SOCKS is blacklisted. We can use Python to check that. Let's start! [Hidden Content]
  9. RDPs

    Cheap RDPs for sale Germany - 20€ US - 15€ For other countries or bulk orders hmu
  10. VPS Hosting for Botnet

    Some more offshore hosting providers [Hidden Content]
  11. Google dorks are for deep-in google search, if you master google dorks, you can find everything like paid pdfs, unleaked music albums etc. [Hidden Content]
  12. [Hidden Content]
  13. Web Vulnerability Scanners + Explanation + Links [Hidden Content]
  14. my personal list of good GitHub tools you can post more tools in this thread if you want GodStealer A C# log stealer that sends logs to discord webhook https://github.com/1Emin/GodStealer Evil Clippy A cross-platform assistant for creating malicious MS Office documents. Can hide VBA macros, stomp VBA code (via P-Code) and confuse macro analysis tools. Runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. https://github.com/outflanknl/EvilClippy GrowtopiaStealer A powerful C# stealer that steals browser logs and all different PC data https://github.com/TheC0mpany/GrowtopiaStealer Crypter-4 A python ransomware builder https://github.com/mave12/Crypter-4 Lamp1337 An RDP stealer https://github.com/Lamp1337/RDP-Stealer BlueEagle A cool cross platform RAT https://github.com/SaherBlueEagle/BlueEaglejRat-Source-Code/tree/main/Release DTI (Discord token information) A tool to get personal information like account information, email, phone number or billing information from a discord token https://github.com/wodxgod/DTI PyPasser A python library for bypassing reCaptchy v2 and v3 https://github.com/xHossein/PyPasser RedLine stealer probably the most famous log stealer https://github.com/mave12/Redline_2021_stealer PSSW100AVB AMSI bypass script https://github.com/tihanyin/PSSW100AVB/blob/main/AMSI_bypass_2021_12.ps1 AVEP backdoor for bypassing antivirus https://github.com/RoseSecurity/Anti-Virus-Evading-Payloads php-jpeg-injector A tool to inject php payloads in jpeg images https://github.com/dlegs/php-jpeg-injector JSQLi A tool for SQL injection (database hacking) https://github.com/ron190/jsql-injection/releases/ I will post some more tools soon