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  1. I propose to place eternal links for your project Adult, Dating or SexShop, links are placed on the forums in two versions: In the signature / In my topics. The accounts on the forums are pumped, from 100-500 messages, the traffic goes depending on the interest of the person, 20-50 messages are fasted per day on each forum, I mainly post onlifans plums with my link.

    Accommodation cost:
    - 10 links in the signature 50$ / Month (Book in advance)
    - In my topics 10 links at the bottom of the post 30$ one time

    I accept payment:
    Btc / Usdt trc20 / Ltc.

    https://t.me/Wlimak @wlimak

  2. I offer comprehensive solutions for pessimizing sites. If you want to lower the competitor's site from the TOP to the bottom, please contact us.

    When ordering several sites at once, I make good discounts.

    Services are also possible exactly the opposite - to promote sites in the TOP. Prices in both cases are negotiable and depend on the complexity of the task.

    Prices for website pessimization are reduced, 1 domain = $70, when ordering from 5 domains, the price for 1 domain is $50

    In the process of pessimizing sites, laws are not violated in any way, the whole process occurs without hacks. Google will impose filters on the domain and the site is sent to the bottom under the ags and, accordingly, departure from Google.

    If you are interested in this offer, write to me via telegram contacts https://t.me/Wlimak @wlimak